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Hi! I'm Iqrash, the founder of Crash Media. We are a Social Media Marketing Agency based in Sheffield, who over the past few years have helped numerous businesses scale to 6 + 7 figures using strategic paid advertising, and I'm sure we could help you too.

Grow your business at rocket speeds: 


At Crash Media we have developed a truly powerful strategy to help you scale as quickly as possible. We combine multiple advertising platforms to increase brand awareness, drive traffic and ultimately explode sales.

Positioning your brand with the most powerful marketing tools:


We have spent over £100,000 refining our advertising strategy to drive the highest possible ROI whilst ensuring your new leads will convert into customers!

Create Loyal Customers:

It's time for an evergreen ad strategy! To cut a long story short, your customers will constantly see your branding and become part of your community, even after converting! After all you're in it for the long run, right?

Why Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is currently the most powerful and effective way of reaching your audience. Millions of users login everyday and you could be missing out on thousands of customers by not advertising directly to them. There is no question that Social Media Marketing works, and the results speak for themselves.

Many businesses seem apprehensive about spending money on social media until they try it, and then they wonder why they didn't invest in it earlier!

Digital Marketing Masters

Social Media marketing, everything you need to start growing and scaling your business using strategic paid advertising.

Our Services...

Shopify Partners

Need a new site? Or maybe a revamp of an existing one? We highly recommend Shopify for anyone in the Ecommerce space. 

Online business advisors

Have a great idea for an online product business but not sure how to start it? Maybe we can help. 

We can't work with everyone...

We very carefully choose who we work with and only accept clients that we can truly deliver on.

If it looks like we're a good fit, we'll ask you some questions, go through all of your business goals/pain points and suggest the best approach to get the ball rolling.

Our Clients...

Below are screenshots of actual business accounts which have achieved incredible results using our online marketing system.

Money in: £6,875.03          Money out: £78,597.34

Money in: £941.27          Money out: £11,065.67

Money in: £802.15          Money out: £7,584.93

Money in: £4,679.68          Money out: £17,242.28

All of these users are potential customers just waiting to be targeted!




Crash Media is a Sheffield based social media marketing agency committed to helping businesses grow.

We look forward to working with you!

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